what is farmstead archaeology?

Farmstead archaeology investigates material conditions that have existed in rural North America since the 1500s.  Several related research topics are addressed in farmstead studies:

The economic transition from subsistence to commercial agriculture;
The material transition from vernacular, folk-based culture to industrial-based culture;
The influence of consumerism upon rural households;
The effect of commercial agriculture upon gender roles and the division of labor in rural households.

Historical archaeology at the

Kilgore Farm, Yorktown, IN.
The Kilgore farm, located in Yorktown, was settled in the mid-1800s.  During spring semester 2006 anthropology students conducted preliminary excavations in the rear yard of the two-story brick farmhouse.  The purpose of the fieldwork was to identify the location of archaeological deposits at the site.  The results of spring fieldwork will provide the basis for future investigations at the site. 

1870 Delaware County Atlas showing location of the Kilgore farm.


Front view of the Kilgore house, a two-story brick I-house.


BSU archaeology students in the rear yard of the Kilgore house, spring 2006.


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