SRARP Silver Anniversary Volume ___________________________________________________________________________________

In 2003 the Savannah River Archaeological Research Program (SRARP) celebrated its 25th anniversary.  The SRARP, a division of the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of South Carolina,  is a cultural resources management program that archaeologically manages a 310 square mile land reserve for the Department of Energy near Aiken, South Carolina.  Earlier in 2002, SRARP colleague George "Buddy" Wingard asked me to help put together a silver anniversary volume commemorating the occasion.  The "anniversary volume," as it came to be known, was a fun diversion from working on the typical journal articles and reports. 



For Chapter 6, the concluding chapter of the volume, I conducted a bibliographic analysis of SRARP publication trends between 1978 and 2003.  The results of this analysis, subsequently presented in a Southeastern Archaeology Conference paper, offer an interesting look at the long term archaeological research and publication tempo in an academic, sponsored research setting.  Between 1978 and 2003, SRARP personnel produced a respectable legacy of research information, consisting of 8 books, 31 monographs/monograph chapters, 47 technical reports, 32 journal articles, 64 popular publications, and 211 presented papers.  The formal publications from this research effort are illustrated in the graph presented below. 


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