Degree Requirements for the Master of Arts in Anthropology

The minimum requirements for the M.A. in anthropology consist of 32 hours of graduate credit.  Acknowledging the principle that students should have a broad knowledge of anthropology, core courses covering three of the major sub-disciplines are required; this requirement can be waived only by the graduate committee.  To acquire background knowledge in anthropological thought, Anth 600, Graduate Studies Seminar, and an anthropology methods elective are also required.  A required 6-hour thesis course permits students to specialize and acquire skills in research methods and techniques.  Beyond these requirements, each student's plan of study is based on individual interests and specific career goals.

Graduate students specializing in historical archaeology in the Department of Anthropology obtain the skills and knowledge needed to pursue careers in cultural resources management and related preservation fields.  A number of graduates from the Department of Anthropology also continue their education in Ph.D. programs.    


Required Anthropology Courses

Prefix    No       Title/(Credit Hours)                                                                                        

Anth    600        Graduate Seminar in Anthropology (2)

Anth     601       Scope of Cultural Anthropology (3)

Anth    603        Scope of Archaeology (3)                                                          

Anth    605        Scope of Biological Anthropology (3)

                                1 Anthropology Methods Elective (3)

Anth    698        Thesis hours (6)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Suggested Electives for Anthropology M.A. Graduate Students Specializing in Historical Archaeology (minimum 12 elective hours required)

Prefix    No       Title/(Credit Hours)                                                                                              

Anth    543        Historical Archaeology (3)

Anth    560        Theory and Method in Historical Archaeology (3) (Special Topics Course)

Anth    560        Anthropological Research and Writing (3) (Special Topics Course)

Anth    557       Applied Archaeology (3)

Anth    571        Ethnohistory (3)

Arch    528        History of North American Architecture (3)

Journ   518         Science and Technical Writing (3)

Soc      502         Sociological Theory (3)

Soc      582         Social Statistics (3)                                                                        


Minor Degree in Relevant Field Offered at Ball State University*


Geography, Minor in Geographic Information Processing and Mapping, 21 hours

Core requirements - 9 hours:

bullet    GEOG 265 Introduction to GIS (3)
bullet    GEOG 340 Cartography and Graphics 1 (3)
bullet    GEOG 342 Remote Sensing 1 (3)

12 hours from:

bullet    GEOG 341 Cartography and Graphics 2 (3)
bullet    GEOG 343 Remote Sensing 2 (3)
bullet    GEOG 344 Advanced GIS Analysis (3)
bullet    GEOG 443 Seminar in Remote Sensing (3)
bullet    GEOG 444 Advanced Cartography (3)
bullet    GEOG 445 GIS Applications Design (3)
bullet    GEOG 448 GIS System Design (3)

*See current BSU Undergraduate Catalog and Department of Geography web page for details <http://www.bsu.edu/geography/>.



For additional graduate program information, consult the

BSU Department of Anthropology web page <http://www.bsu.edu/anthropology/>

the BSU Graduate School web page <http://www.bsu.edu/gradschool/>

and the current BSU Graduate Catalog.



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